More than half of the tile sold in the US is glazed since glazed tile is easy to install and fix and is great for use in bathrooms and kitchens. We carry an endless variety of tiles for your home. You can select from a smooth glaze all the way up to a rough one. We recommend selecting a tile with a coefficient of friction rating higher than 60 dry or wet. Sometimes the coefficient of friction rating is referred to as the COF.

On the other hand, ceramic is one of the densest and most durable tiles available for purchase today. You cannot easily scratch or chip porcelain tiles. Pretty much the only downfall to porcelain tiles is that it can be slippery even when it is not wet. It is also a bit more expensive ranging anywhere from $1 to $2 more for each square foot than say ceramic tile. Compressed clay dust is fired at super hot temperatures in order to create a ceramic tile.

There are a variety of tile sizes that you can choose from when buying tile for your home. Smaller requires more grout and can be more of a hassle to maintain and clean. If you have a smaller sized bathroom, you can use a larger tile size to create the illusion of more space. Be sure not to select a slippery texture for any areas in your home that may become wet. When selecting tiles for a backdrop, you can choose less dense tiles and not have to worry about texture. If you want a large selection of color and style choices, glazed wall tiles will give you the most options. Glazed tiles are manufactured from rough to highly polished. When shooting for a really unique design in your home, you may want to consider alternating patterns and different color variations. Hand carved tiles are the best option for a truly luxurious look and feel to your home.

When you move into a new home, condo or business, you may want to replace the carpet since you don't know the history of the flooring, or you may just want to upgrade the flooring in your existing home or business. If you are thinking of putting your home on the market, a carpet upgrade is another way to help it sell faster. You might even want to make anyone who enters the home while it's for sale remove their shoes so that they realize and appreciate the new carpet.  A fresh coat of interior paint before installing the new carpet will help your home appear a lot newer than you may realize.

If you're replacing carpet for a home you are about to sell, then some of the advice below may not pertain to you since you will not know who the new occupants will be.

If you will continue to live in the space where the new carpet is to be installed, then consider some of the following factors when selecting the new carpet for your living or work space.

Define your needs for the newly carpeted space.

How much foot traffic do you expect in the area?

How do you want the area to look?

What colors have you considered?

Are you allergic to any specific materials used in some of the carpet manufacturing process?

Are there any specific accessibility requirements that you need to add?


A long time ago the dominant material used to create carpet was wool. Today the most popular material is nylon. Generally there are 5 types of carpet fibers that you will encounter.

Nylon, Olefin, Polyester, Wool, or Acrylic are the most common types of materials that you may encounter as you shop around at different carpet stores.

Nylon is one of the costlier synthetic fibers used in manufacturing but it also happens to be very durable which is a quality needed for any type of flooring. Carpets made from nylon tend to avoid matting and soiling for a reasonable amount of time.

Wool is considered a premium fiber for a carpet. Wool carpet can cost up to twice as much as its nylon counterparts.

Polypropylene, which is also referred to as Olefin, is a lower cost option that is durable, resistant to staining, and colorfast. Despite its durability, this carpet is susceptible to crushing and will burn or melt at a much lower temperature than standard carpet. So this isn't recommended for people that smoke in the house.

Polyester is similar to Olefin and has some of the same flaws such as crushing under furniture. But the color options and available patterns along with the fact that it is made up of recycled materials will make it an attractive choice to homeowners.

Acrylic is a fiber you will most likely find in rugs, but more manufacturers are making products out of acrylic since it closely resembles the appearance of more expensive wool carpets and is a bit more durable.

Cut Pile vs Loop Pile

Cut Pile is usually the preferred of the two since it has a softer feel to it and is a lot more plush than Loop Pile. For home or residential applications, texture plush carpet is a better option. Cut Pile Saxony carpet is a nice option for more luxurious applications.

Loop Pile is more durable and generally recommended for commercial applications, rental properties, and businesses. Berber carpet is another Loop Pile option that masks wear and tear as well as soiling in an effective manner. Carpets that are made for commercial applications will have shorter loops that are packed more tightly .

Not that you have a better understanding of the materials and design used when making carpet, you should visit our showroom and examine all of the samples we have available. Then you can experience the look and feel first hand of the various carpet manufacturers that make flooring for your home.

Depending on where you get your carpet, you may encounter someone telling you that you can save money by avoiding new pad or skipping on pad. Don't make the mistake of avoiding pad when making a new investment in your home for new carpet.

Also, people will say that you can reuse your old pad when replacing your carpet.   You may have the freedom to do whatever you desire since there is no code requiring new padding. Your carpet padding serves more function than just keeping your new carpet flooring soft. New carpet padding also helps prolong the life of your carpet by reducing wear and tear on your new carpet in addition to reducing the shock of stepping directly on concrete foundation. Your comfort level will be affected by reusing or skipping out on padding. Your guests may also notice the difference in the feeling of your carpet flooring. Carpet padding is also effective at reducing the ambient noise and sound in your home and helps insulate your home in the winter. Sand and dirt will fall to the bottom of your carpet and act like sandpaper wearing down your carpet prematurely.

When cleaning your carpet, your carpet air needs to circulate and flow freely through the carpet which in turn makes any suction process more effective, thus reducing the dirt left behind that can again cause your carpet to wear out prematurely. Pile crushing or matted down fibers will also occur faster in carpet that lacks adequate padding. In fact, your carpet can wear out almost 2 - 3 times faster without padding. Carpet padding comes in three forms; rubber, foam, and fiber. Depending on the room or traffic area, different types of thickness may be needed for the padding to ensure proper durability of your carpet flooring. Polyurethane foam is the foam typically found in carpet padding. Another type of foam you may encounter is bonded polyurethane foam which is made up of recycled foam of various sizes and colors. This foam is a great choice since it helps reduce landfill waste of a product that doesn't easily break down.

Some carpets come with froth polyurethane foam which is attached to the carpet and is typically found on commercial carpet more than residential carpet. This type of foam layer is thin and dense and is known to break down into a messy powder at the end of its life cycle. Waffled rubber is molded in a waffle or honeycomb pattern and has one of the softest feels to any carpet padding and is highly recommended for those looking for the highest quality luxury feel you can get. There are a few other choices of carpet padding available as well, and it's always a good idea to discuss the various types of choices you have available to ensure you get the most enjoyment from your new carpet.



Many homeowners with carpet have families and pets. Over time your family and pets will track in dirt and grime in heavily walked areas of your carpet flooring. The most common methods of cleaning are either "wet" or "dry". Despite the two popular methods, many homeowners are unsure of the advantages or disadvantages of either method. Before cleaning your carpet, be sure to vacuum it thoroughly to get up any loose dirt.

Wet Carpet Cleaning

When cleaning your carpet using a wet method, you have two choices. Your two choices would include a steam cleaning or shampooing. The main disadvantage with either the wet cleaning method is the fact that you have to wait for your carpet to dry out which can take anywhere from 12 - 24 hours.

You can choose to steam clean or shampoo your carpet if you go for a wet method. Steam cleaning your carpet involves using hot water and a cleaning agent on your carpet to loosen up the dirt and grime in your carpet. After the solution has some time to act on the dirt, it is then sucked up with a special type of high powered vacuum. Shampooing the carpet involves the use of a special machine that uses scrub brushes to help loosen the dirt along with shampoo and water. This method is most effective for carpet that is really dirty or packed down. After scrubbing the carpet the solution is either sucked up or vacuumed.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Many homeowners never consider a dry carpet cleaning method. Some may view it as a less effective method of removing dirt from the fibers of carpet installed in their home. This can be true of carpet that is especially dirty. On the bright side is the fact that you do not need to wait for your carpet to dry.

When dry cleaning your carpet a moist powder is placed upon the surface of the carpet and massaged deep into the fibers with a special machine. The powder used is a combination of a dissolving agent, detergent, and an absorbent. This powder is a powerful cleaning agent that can get a majority of the dirt from your carpet. After the powder has had time to work on the dirt, it is vacuumed up from the carpet. This method is considered a surface clean since it doesn't remove as much dirt as a wet cleaning method would. The advantage to a dry cleaning method is that it is fairly quick.

After having your carpet cleaned and stains removed, you may what to apply something like Dupont's Teflon Advanced Fiber Protection to help protect your carpet from getting as dirty again. Prevention methods also can include area rugs or runners in high traffic areas to help protect form dirt and high traffic.  However you prefer to protect your carpet flooring from wear and tear, you always want to clean it periodically to extend its life as long as possible so you can enjoy your new carpet and keep it looking new for guests.



Porcelain and ceramic tile make great flooring choices since it's very durable and easy to maintain in your kitchen. Even though ceramic and porcelain are durable, you still need to exercise caution since they can be chipped or cracked. Moving heavy items over your tile or dropping heavy items on your floor is an easy way to chip or crack them. Sometimes you need to transport heavy items across your kitchen floor. When doing so, take the proper measures to protect your floor.

After you get a new tile floor in your kitchen or bathroom, you may be eager to place all your appliances back where they belong.  It's best to avoid even walking on a newly installed porcelain or ceramic tile floor. The grout needs a full 24 hours to cure and harden. It's also a good idea to wait at least 72hrs before persons over 250lbs or heavy objects like appliances come in contact with the floor. After waiting a full 72hrs, you can resume using your floor like a normal family.

Even before you move heavy items on your floor, you need to clean it. Sweeping or vacuuming your floor first and then clean the surface with a mop or wet cloth. Sand and grit can be rubbed into your floor and cause scratches that will collect dirt over time. This can dull your floor over time. Once your floor is clean, then you can begin to move items around on the surface.

Some appliances come equipped with wheels. These wheels help make it easier to move the appliance across the floor. This also decreases the risk of scratches or scuffs. Keep in mind some appliances may be heavy enough, such as a fully stocked fridge or deep freezer, to cause a crack. It's best to lift and move when possible to avoid stressing the tiles, or you can use plywood to distribute the weight more evenly.

Appliances without wheels can still be moved safely with a dolly. A dolly is the best option although that may not always be handy. The next best option are some furniture skids. Furniture skids are long pieces of plastic with a felt layer and adhesive. They stick under the furniture and make it possible to slide the furniture across the floor. If you decide to use skids, it's still important to properly clean the floor ahead of time to help avoid scratching the surface.


Looking for a new way to add value to your home? Consider hiring a flooring contractor to upgrade the floors in your home. It's funny how easily we overlook our floors even thought they have a huge impact on the the look and value of our homes. A local flooring contractor can help you choose the right surface to replace your current flooring with. There are many flooring options available on the market currently. Hardwood and Tile are two of the most popular choices currently for homeowners.

There are a maze of flooring products available for homeowners to choose from and we can see how it can quickly get overwhelming when looking for the right product to place in your home. High traffic and moisture prone areas should be outfitted with tile. Entranceways, laundry rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms should all have tile or laminate flooring since they will see the heaviest traffic and the most moisture. As one of the most water-resistant and highly durable, tile and laminate make great options especially in areas that see repeated moisture over and over. Making the right choice early on ensures you years of enjoyment with the worry or constant fear of water damage and stains form liquids or tracked in material.

Choosing a high quality stone tile can vastly improve your homes worth and desirability when you decide to sell it. This will definitely set you apart from the crowd and give your home added elegance.

In areas where you won't be worried about excess moisture and traffic hardwood or carpet may be the best option for consideration. Hardwood flooring again will cause your home to stand out and will last generations with proper maintenance.

If you currently have hardwood floors and you want to revitalize them and have them looking brand new again consider getting them resurfaced. Refinishing or resurfacing involves sanding down the top layer of your hardwood floor and resurfacing it so that it's brand new again. This is a simple and straight forward process that will allow you to easily add value to your home and revitalize your old hardwood flooring

Everyone should enjoy their home to the fullest and you should be no exception. Add value to it while making it feel new again. A local flooring expert can easily help you achieve that with an investment that is substantially less than a big box retailer. We can help you select any type of flooring for your home or office.



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