There are many reasons for considering hardwood flooring as an option for your home. You have many options when considering hardwood. Other flooring options of course include tile, linoleum, carpet, luxury vinyl, and more. With all of the available choices, hardwood is a traditional favorite that resonates character throughout a home. The sound of people walking on it, the smell of wood, its natural look. All common to any wood floor, there is something unique that captures the senses when stepping upon a hardwood floor whether conscious or unconscious.

One of the key benefits of using hardwood flooring is that it is very durable. It can last a very long time without fading or looking worn. How can that be? Many people think that these floors are ones that require a lot of hard work and maintenance, but that is not the case. Rather, it is more common for individuals to select those stained and treated to look good for the long term. If you want to install the type that needs annual or bi-annual care, you can do so. However, this is no longer necessary, as new products will last.

Hardwood flooring can last a very long time in your home when given the care it needs. No fading or worn spots like some synthetic floor coverings can. You can still go into old homes across the United States and see original wood flooring. New staining techniques can really help keep your floor looking shiny and new for even longer periods of time. Hardwood flooring is very easy to maintain as well, although there are a lot of myths to the contrary. Imagine what happens when you spill something on carpet and what it takes in order to properly clean a spill. With linoleum you have to deal with various scuff marks and the like. Sometimes this is a concern for tile too. Tile flooring can also chip and crack and keeping the grout in between tiles clean is another challenge. Each flooring type can have its set of challenges for the homeowner. Feel free to give us a call to talk more about hardwood flooring for your home.



The best part about paving the backyard with stone pavers is that they can keep a home beautiful for years. It is much easier to replace a single stone if it somehow becomes damaged then it is to repair damage to concrete. I was ready to make my dream come true. Stone pavers come in various styles and shapes and are installed in an interlocking pattern to create a strong, solid surface with a high-end look. They are available in a wide range of colors and quality that can easily complement any setting or environment.

Most of the shapes used include fan, x and w shaped, keyhole and parallelogram. You'll want to lay it on the ground and visually ensure that each stone meets at the same spot. Whatever project you are undertaking, from entertaining areas to pool decks, there is a patio paver for you. The non-slippery characteristic and the look provided by the natural stone are simply amazing.

Water walls work well in small gardens or courtyards and are great solutions for building a water garden where space is limited. The level of noise you want must be considered carefully before installing a water garden. Now you can lay your stones. Whatever project you are undertaking, from entertaining areas to pool decks, there is a patio paver for you. Apart from the many textures that they come in, different combinations can bring about a visually fascinating and custom created appearance.


The choice between carpet and laminate flooring can be tricky. Both have pros and cons as most product choices do.  Both products have made great advancements in both durability and design recently.   So if you haven't invested in flooring in a while, there are a number of things you should know. We suggest you thoroughly research your flooring choices prior to making a final selection.  Unfortunately, once you've made your decision and it's been installed, it's very costly to remove the product not to mention quite messy.  You should look at all of your options prior to making a final decision.  Every manufacturer offers a variety of warranties and disclaimers, and this should be made aware to you if you're dealing with a reputable dealer such as ourselves.

Carpet Flooring

Carpeting is always thought of as a luxury option with comfort as its main goal as a floor covering. Carpet is available in a range of qualities; from super plush high-end to low-end products  that easily matte or wear down in traffic areas. Carpet can be manufactured from a variety of materials including wool, polypropylene, synthetic fiber blends, nylon, polyester, and acrylic. There are also a multitude of patterns and colors to choose from. Some of the more common textures include cut pile, multi-level loop, loop pile, shag, frieze twist, hard twist, cut and loop, saxony, velvet and plenty more. We can help you choose the right product to meet your expectations.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is much easier to maintain than carpet and usually comes with a protective layer to make cleaning it a breeze. This covering also helps prevent scratches and enhances the design of the laminate. Stains and damage can mostly be avoided as well with proper care. With so many laminate designs of wood and stone available, you can have your choice of styling. This makes it easier to blend with your decor in your home or office.  With the proper maintenance and care of your laminate flooring, it will last you a very long time under normal household use.  When you visit our showroom, you will see many types of flooring available through samples, although we recommend contacting us for a free in-house consultation.  The lighting in your home is obviously different than the showroom, therefore, to assure your satisfaction, it makes more sense to look at the samples in your home.  We guarantee our work and are proud of our reputation.

Both carpet and laminate are great choices for your home and in many installations you can combine both options in your home. Spend some time planning with one of our flooring design experts and we can change your home into a new getaway of comfort and style as well as increasing the value of your home.  Our goal is to assist you in making the best choice for your family, home, and budget.


A simple fix for homeowners looking to improve the appearance of their bathroom on a budget. Most of the time people consider replacing fixtures or adding a new coat of paint overlooking the single easiest way to drastically improve the appearance of their bathroom. What is the single easiest way to improve the overall look of your bathroom you ask? By replacing the flooring.

You instantly notice the flooring in any room you enter when moving about a dwelling. Regardless of commercial or residential, even if the interior of a room is impeccable, you will notice if the floor is dirty, old, or in disrepair. In no other room will you have time to examine the floor than in a bathroom.

When you decide to replace the floor in your bathroom, there are many types of tiles to choose from. Each type of tile has its own type of appearance and texture. Below you will find some examples of the most popular types of tiles used as flooring in a bathroom.

Ceramic Tiles – If you are looking for a durable and versatile type of flooring, then ceramic tiles are your best option. They are affordable and easy to keep clean.

Stone Tiles – This type of flooring provides the most natural looking experience you find in a flooring material. Since they are constructed of materials like granite, marble, or quartz, they have a natural pattern and texture that add a rich feel to your home or office.

Glass Tiles – If you are looking for a high-end floor covering, then look no further than glass. Glass tiles reflect the lighting in the most beautiful of ways giving way to a tranquil and relaxing ambiance in any room. Spas, resorts, and hotels are just a few commercial applications of this type of flooring.

Ultimately the floor covering that works best with your home or office will depend upon the effect you are looking to achieve. It is best to choose a tile that compliments your existing décor.

Browsing around on the internet and home magazines will provide a valuable resource for gathering different ideas as to the best types of floor coverings for your home or office. Keep your budget in mind as you browse in order to avoid sticker shock or unrealistic expectations. In addition to the cost of materials, you will have the cost for removing your old tiles and installation of your new tiles.

Finally, when you are close to making a decision, it's a great idea to shop around at different showrooms to view actual samples of the various flooring types you are interested in purchasing.  A reputable flooring contractor will have a fully staffed showroom with design consultants on staff.




Tropical Storm Debby lashed the Florida and the Bay area with lots of rain potentially flooding many businesses and homes. This has led to a large amount of carpet damage to those in flooded areas. It's important to remove wet carpet as soon as possible in order to protect your family from serious health issues. Flood waters can contain many different types of bacteria and can promote the growth of mold.

It's important to gather essential items and stay with family and friends until water recedes and you can safely get a professional to assess your home for damage.  If possible you should try to determine the level of sanitation from local authorities. FWC and the county Sheriff will most likely be the responding agencies in the event of a flood evacuation.

It's important to remove the carpet as quickly as possible. You should consult a professional to conduct the removal to ensure the proper procedure is used to prevent yourself from becoming injured or sick. Wet carpet can be extremely heavy and it's very easy for you to pull a muscle. Gloves, rubber boots, and goggles are standard safety equipment when removing contaminated carpet in the event you decide to do it yourself.

Once all of the soiled carpet has been removed it is important to disinfect the entire floor area including the baseboards. This is an important step that should not be overlooked as once again the bacteria from flood waters can pose a significant health threat to you and your family including pets. You should not even return to live in your home until it has been sanitized and preferably restored to its pre-flood state.

Be sure to open all the windows and doors if possible, and coupled with industrial fans and dehumidifiers, you should be well on your way to restoring your home to its pre-flood state. Once you have thoroughly dried out your home, the next step is replacing your flooring with either new carpet or another type of flooring that you prefer. This is also an opportunity to upgrade your home with softer and more durable carpet or perhaps a different flooring upgrade such as stone tile.



Just because you have a home with children and pets doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice nice-looking floors. The goal is to choose flooring that is comfortable, practical and easy to care for so that it outweighs the wear and tear from kids and pets. Fortunately, there are many floors that meet the needs of families without sacrificing quality or style.

One of the best options out there is laminate. Laminate is durable, resistant to scratches, dents and moisture and can be installed in both above- and below-grade applications. Laminate won’t harbor dust, mold or bacteria and is very easy to care for, with regular vacuuming and dry mopping being sufficient. You can also save money by installing it yourself. 

If you love the look and feel of carpet but are tired of cleaning up stains, consider interlocking carpet tiles. With carpet tiles, you can do installation on your own and cut the cost of hiring a professional. You can also make fun patterns using different colored floor tiles that the kids will love. This type of carpeting is actually very high quality because it’s designed for commercial applications. If you are faced with a stain, rip or tear, it’s easy to pop out the tile and replace it with a new one. 

In homes with kids and pets, it’s also important to consider eco-friendly flooring that comes from natural resources and won’t emit VOCs. Cork has a comfortable spongy feel and can be purchased in a variety of colors. It is perfect for playrooms, exercise rooms and outdoor play spaces and is rather forgiving if a child were to fall.  

A final option is vinyl. There are vinyl tiles, vinyl planks, sheet vinyl and luxury vinyl. Like laminate, the top layer of vinyl is a photograph of the real thing, so it’s easy to get hardwood, stone or ceramic looking floors without the high price tag. Vinyl is comfortable to walk on, warmer than ceramic and virtually maintenance free. It’s also slip resistant and repels moisture, scratches and dents.

As you can see, there are many options of flooring that are perfect for homes with kids and pets. The important part is to take your time considering the needs of your family so that you can choose a floor that will stand the test of time no matter how many little feet run across it.


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