Depending on where you get your carpet, you may encounter someone telling you that you can save money by avoiding new pad or skipping on pad. Don't make the mistake of avoiding pad when making a new investment in your home for new carpet.

Also, people will say that you can reuse your old pad when replacing your carpet.   You may have the freedom to do whatever you desire since there is no code requiring new padding. Your carpet padding serves more function than just keeping your new carpet flooring soft. New carpet padding also helps prolong the life of your carpet by reducing wear and tear on your new carpet in addition to reducing the shock of stepping directly on concrete foundation. Your comfort level will be affected by reusing or skipping out on padding. Your guests may also notice the difference in the feeling of your carpet flooring. Carpet padding is also effective at reducing the ambient noise and sound in your home and helps insulate your home in the winter. Sand and dirt will fall to the bottom of your carpet and act like sandpaper wearing down your carpet prematurely.

When cleaning your carpet, your carpet air needs to circulate and flow freely through the carpet which in turn makes any suction process more effective, thus reducing the dirt left behind that can again cause your carpet to wear out prematurely. Pile crushing or matted down fibers will also occur faster in carpet that lacks adequate padding. In fact, your carpet can wear out almost 2 - 3 times faster without padding. Carpet padding comes in three forms; rubber, foam, and fiber. Depending on the room or traffic area, different types of thickness may be needed for the padding to ensure proper durability of your carpet flooring. Polyurethane foam is the foam typically found in carpet padding. Another type of foam you may encounter is bonded polyurethane foam which is made up of recycled foam of various sizes and colors. This foam is a great choice since it helps reduce landfill waste of a product that doesn't easily break down.

Some carpets come with froth polyurethane foam which is attached to the carpet and is typically found on commercial carpet more than residential carpet. This type of foam layer is thin and dense and is known to break down into a messy powder at the end of its life cycle. Waffled rubber is molded in a waffle or honeycomb pattern and has one of the softest feels to any carpet padding and is highly recommended for those looking for the highest quality luxury feel you can get. There are a few other choices of carpet padding available as well, and it's always a good idea to discuss the various types of choices you have available to ensure you get the most enjoyment from your new carpet.


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