Many homeowners with carpet have families and pets. Over time your family and pets will track in dirt and grime in heavily walked areas of your carpet flooring. The most common methods of cleaning are either "wet" or "dry". Despite the two popular methods, many homeowners are unsure of the advantages or disadvantages of either method. Before cleaning your carpet, be sure to vacuum it thoroughly to get up any loose dirt.

Wet Carpet Cleaning

When cleaning your carpet using a wet method, you have two choices. Your two choices would include a steam cleaning or shampooing. The main disadvantage with either the wet cleaning method is the fact that you have to wait for your carpet to dry out which can take anywhere from 12 - 24 hours.

You can choose to steam clean or shampoo your carpet if you go for a wet method. Steam cleaning your carpet involves using hot water and a cleaning agent on your carpet to loosen up the dirt and grime in your carpet. After the solution has some time to act on the dirt, it is then sucked up with a special type of high powered vacuum. Shampooing the carpet involves the use of a special machine that uses scrub brushes to help loosen the dirt along with shampoo and water. This method is most effective for carpet that is really dirty or packed down. After scrubbing the carpet the solution is either sucked up or vacuumed.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Many homeowners never consider a dry carpet cleaning method. Some may view it as a less effective method of removing dirt from the fibers of carpet installed in their home. This can be true of carpet that is especially dirty. On the bright side is the fact that you do not need to wait for your carpet to dry.

When dry cleaning your carpet a moist powder is placed upon the surface of the carpet and massaged deep into the fibers with a special machine. The powder used is a combination of a dissolving agent, detergent, and an absorbent. This powder is a powerful cleaning agent that can get a majority of the dirt from your carpet. After the powder has had time to work on the dirt, it is vacuumed up from the carpet. This method is considered a surface clean since it doesn't remove as much dirt as a wet cleaning method would. The advantage to a dry cleaning method is that it is fairly quick.

After having your carpet cleaned and stains removed, you may what to apply something like Dupont's Teflon Advanced Fiber Protection to help protect your carpet from getting as dirty again. Prevention methods also can include area rugs or runners in high traffic areas to help protect form dirt and high traffic.  However you prefer to protect your carpet flooring from wear and tear, you always want to clean it periodically to extend its life as long as possible so you can enjoy your new carpet and keep it looking new for guests.


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