A simple fix for homeowners looking to improve the appearance of their bathroom on a budget. Most of the time people consider replacing fixtures or adding a new coat of paint overlooking the single easiest way to drastically improve the appearance of their bathroom. What is the single easiest way to improve the overall look of your bathroom you ask? By replacing the flooring.

You instantly notice the flooring in any room you enter when moving about a dwelling. Regardless of commercial or residential, even if the interior of a room is impeccable, you will notice if the floor is dirty, old, or in disrepair. In no other room will you have time to examine the floor than in a bathroom.

When you decide to replace the floor in your bathroom, there are many types of tiles to choose from. Each type of tile has its own type of appearance and texture. Below you will find some examples of the most popular types of tiles used as flooring in a bathroom.

Ceramic Tiles – If you are looking for a durable and versatile type of flooring, then ceramic tiles are your best option. They are affordable and easy to keep clean.

Stone Tiles – This type of flooring provides the most natural looking experience you find in a flooring material. Since they are constructed of materials like granite, marble, or quartz, they have a natural pattern and texture that add a rich feel to your home or office.

Glass Tiles – If you are looking for a high-end floor covering, then look no further than glass. Glass tiles reflect the lighting in the most beautiful of ways giving way to a tranquil and relaxing ambiance in any room. Spas, resorts, and hotels are just a few commercial applications of this type of flooring.

Ultimately the floor covering that works best with your home or office will depend upon the effect you are looking to achieve. It is best to choose a tile that compliments your existing décor.

Browsing around on the internet and home magazines will provide a valuable resource for gathering different ideas as to the best types of floor coverings for your home or office. Keep your budget in mind as you browse in order to avoid sticker shock or unrealistic expectations. In addition to the cost of materials, you will have the cost for removing your old tiles and installation of your new tiles.

Finally, when you are close to making a decision, it's a great idea to shop around at different showrooms to view actual samples of the various flooring types you are interested in purchasing.  A reputable flooring contractor will have a fully staffed showroom with design consultants on staff.



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