Your dog may dig in the carpet for many different reasons. Homeowners will hate to see their beloved pets destroying their home or property. It is important to stop this at a very early age, if possible. But you can still break the behavior with older dogs.

One of the reasons your dog will start digging in your carpet is because he or she is bored. Another reason your dog may dig in your carpet is due to instinct. They may think they are hunting for food or digging in the soil for prey.  Dogs are natural scavengers. Your dog may also try to bury his food for a later time. It is important to make sure your dog has plenty of space and the area is clear when they are eating so that they do not feel threatened or the need to save food. Lastly, they may try to make a bed or nest for laying down. Some dogs like to circle the area where they are about to sleep and may also sniff and scratch the area as well. A special pillow, old comforter, or bedding material will give your dog an outlet for this behavior.

There are many reasons why you would not want your dog to dig in your carpet, and there are a number of tactics you can use to keep your dog from digging into your carpet. The most effective method to prevent any dog from digging in is to keep them interested, occupied, active, and playing. Walking and socializing your dog with other animals on a frequent basis can help a lot too. When you are able to play with your pet and run him or her, they may come home too tired to dig. Allowing your pet a healthy positive outlet for his natural behavior is the best option for a well behaved pup.


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