Have you ever had a leak in your kitchen or bathroom that has hardwood flooring installed?  If you have, you know what kind of a nightmare it can be to repair the damaged areas to your wood flooring.  The characteristics of wood flooring is such that it darkens with age and what that means to you as a consumer is that if you have to do a repair because of a moisture issue compromising your floor, even if you have additional materials left over from the original installation, it will never match.  If the floor is contiguous, you're pretty much forced to file a homeowners claim and have all of the areas replaced.  Euro Flooring & Design Center, Inc. has done that for many clients over the years.  Euro Flooring & Design Center, Inc. is very professional, but unfortunately, the removal of existing wood and reinstallation is a messy, time consuming process.

Now there is a product new to the market called "American Aqua Wood" that is currently on display at our facility located at 4424 34th Street North, St. Petersburg, Florida 33714.  It's a waterproof real hardwood and is available in eight beautiful colors.  The plank sizes are 7 1/2 wide x 48 inches in length, which affords a very contemporary unique look after installation.  It also has an aluminum oxide finish which adds durability.  On the technical side, it's Carb II compliant, Greengard Gold Certified, IIC Rating-54 and STC Rating - 53.  It's recommended to use a full spread glue down installation method using the specified American Aqua Wood Durable Platinum Adhesive.

You can now enjoy real hardwood without any moisture issues and it's available at Euro Flooring & Design Center, Inc. in St. Petersburg, Florida.   We service the majority of Pinellas County and areas of Hillsborough County.  We look forward to being of service to you.



Bathroom RemodelWhen considering a bathroom remodel, regardless of the scope of work, please follow the guidelines so your expectations are met accordingly. Unfortunately, a lot of information that's available on the internet and TV are not realistic.  A complete bathroom remodel cannot be done in one day and there are always a numerous amount of trades to do the work properly that have to be tightly scheduled and project managed to have the work done in a realistic time frame.  When estimating the cost of your bathroom, like most remodeling projects, it usually turns out to be two and a half times as much in cost and takes three times as long to have the work completed.  Here is a list that will assist you with your bathroom remodeling project to assure that it's done properly and in a timely fashion.

1)Please make sure that you hire a licensed contractor such as Euro Flooring & Design Center, Inc.  That assures that they are insured which protects you in the event of any type of mishap.

2)Verify their credibility by checking with the BBB, look at their reviews on Angie's List, reviews on their website and any other social media sites that are available to confirm their credibility.

3)The company that you're working with should gladly provide you with references of recently completed jobs (within the last six months).  Mark Ellis, with Euro Flooring & Design Center, personally project manages all of his jobs and if you would actually like to see one of those completed jobs physically, that's not a problem.  There's no better testimonial than a satisfied client and viewing finished work.

4)When entering into a contract for the upcoming bathroom remodel, please make sure that all of the scope of work is detailed out such as what areas are to be demoed or is the material to be left on site?  What type of backer board is to be used in the wet areas?  Are you going to have a shampoo niche installed, bench seat and/or corner soap dishes?  How about towel bars?  How about towel rings?  Toilet paper holder?  What type of tile, stone or porcelain is going to be used?  What direction is it going to be installed?  What size is the tile, stone or porcelain going to be?  What type of grout are you going to use?  If you're using cabinetry, is it all wood?  Are the drawers and cabinets easy close?  Do you have roll-out trays under the sink bases for ease of access?  We use and recommend Innovation Cabinetry exclusively which meets all of the above specifications.  Is the granite top going to be 2 centimeters or 3 centimeters?  Is texturing of the walls, painting, electrical, AC, and plumbing included in your scope of work?  AIS Shower Doors, Inc. is our exclusive glass company that provides an excellent product installed by true craftsmen.

In conclusion, most bathroom remodels will take anywhere from three to six weeks from start to finish at an investment of $12,000 to $35,000 depending upon product selection and scope of work.  Most bathrooms are small, but as you can see, they require a lot of labor and project management to insure that the completed project turns out awesome.  That is the goal of Euro Flooring & Design Center, Inc.  For your complete bathroom remodel in St. Petersburg, give us a call.

Floor tiles, whether made of ceramic, porcelain, slate, granite, or marble are held in place by a material called thinset. Thinset is a cement-based building material containing a blend of additives which give it the ability to gently flex under strain. This strain or load can be caused by temperature changes, like the seasons or the weight of a person or object placed on top of the tile.

Sometimes the load can be too much for the thinset when  a heavy object is placed on the tile floor, like a piano.  It's possible to overload an individual tile on the floor. Once the bond between the tile and the thinset is broken, the tile can sheer away. The result is a loose tile held in place by grout surrounding its four sides.

Before installing any type of tile floor, the flooring contractor will survey the sub floor. The sub floor must be rigid enough to support its weight, the weight of the tile flooring, and the weight of the household.

The bond between the tile and the thinset can be strong enough to accept an overload once in a while, but the number of overloads is related to the quality of the thinset. The most expensive thinsets will fail if continually overloaded.

The most common reason for a tile to loosen from its thinset is incorrect installation. Careless flooring contractors tend to tile weak floors. Thinsets need to be mixed to manufacturer specification. If it's too wet or too dry, the thinset will not properly cure. The improper curing results in a weak floor.

Your dog may dig in the carpet for many different reasons. Homeowners will hate to see their beloved pets destroying their home or property. It is important to stop this at a very early age, if possible. But you can still break the behavior with older dogs.

One of the reasons your dog will start digging in your carpet is because he or she is bored. Another reason your dog may dig in your carpet is due to instinct. They may think they are hunting for food or digging in the soil for prey.  Dogs are natural scavengers. Your dog may also try to bury his food for a later time. It is important to make sure your dog has plenty of space and the area is clear when they are eating so that they do not feel threatened or the need to save food. Lastly, they may try to make a bed or nest for laying down. Some dogs like to circle the area where they are about to sleep and may also sniff and scratch the area as well. A special pillow, old comforter, or bedding material will give your dog an outlet for this behavior.

There are many reasons why you would not want your dog to dig in your carpet, and there are a number of tactics you can use to keep your dog from digging into your carpet. The most effective method to prevent any dog from digging in is to keep them interested, occupied, active, and playing. Walking and socializing your dog with other animals on a frequent basis can help a lot too. When you are able to play with your pet and run him or her, they may come home too tired to dig. Allowing your pet a healthy positive outlet for his natural behavior is the best option for a well behaved pup.


Blinds, shades, shutters, sheers and more. Then you have fabric options, colors, and functionality. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing window treatments for your home. To begin, it may be easiest to think of windows pertaining to a certain area of your house or room.


Bathrooms or rooms located near street or sidewalks with a lot of traffic need more privacy than rooms that face secluded or fenced in property. Wood blinds offer a great amount of privacy and light control. 

Light Control

Sometimes you want to keep a room lively with a lot of light or in the case of a nursery, you may want to have total darkness sometimes. Shades with a dark fabric provide maximum light control.  For maximum light, sheer fabrics will provide a nice filter for sunlight and create a nice ambiance. 

Energy Consumption

Certain window treatments are designed to be another layer of insulation on windows. This can help reduce energy costs in your home. Cellular shades can trap in warm air in the winter and cool air in the summer. Insulating Roman panel shades can be an alternative for this who prefer fabric.

Room Size

If you have a smaller room, you can create the illusion of a larger space by using an above-the-casement mount for your window treatment. 



Some window treatments can be a hazard to pets or small children. These generally only include long draperies or free dangling cords. Cordless shades are a stylish alternative for households with children. Vertical blinds also provide another option for homeowners as well.

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